Construction Control is an employer of choice in the Canberra construction market.

We strive to attract and maintain people who share our commitment to excellence.


Our employees are the key to our clients realising their objective, therefore who joins our Team, is one of the most important management decisions we make.


We have achieved this by employing a blend of experience and youth within a culture of ‘team’ work. This has resulted in assembling project teams that are well balanced with regards to gender, skill and experience.


This balance along with the basic ingredient of a commitment to team work results in a highly motivated and ‘outcome’ driven team that carry out their tasks in a collaborative and supportive manner.


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Some of Our People

Genevieve Kenyon-Slade

Site Engineer


Construction Control is fantastic to work for because it has the most amazing culture. I’ve worked in a few other companies both big and small but CC gets it right with small dynamic site teams who develop close friendships and healthy communication but still maintain links to the company structure as a whole, everyone knows everyone and we are a big family to each other. It’s so easy to feel isolated when out on site, especially as a woman in a team full of men- but while working for CC I have not been made to feel like I stand out because of my gender, instead I’m treated like everyone else in the team, which to me is true equality. There is also a constant presence of upper management onsite and I know my mentor and the senior management team are not far away.

Since working with Construction Control I have developed new friendships, grown into a better person and become more skilled and driven. CC have propelled my career forward and helped me pursue my other aspirations like improving gender equality within the industry. I am forever grateful. I love my job, but I love my Company too and can’t think of a better group of people to work for.

Helen Xing

Site Engineer


Construction Control has a strong focus on their people. They genuinely care about the clients who use their services and also the staff who work hard to achieve great results. They promote a culture that embraces improvements, enhances connections, and more importantly, appreciates and supports both your personal and career development.

In my time working with Construction Control, not only have I been able to have hands-on experience, but also added skills such as contract administration, progress reporting/monitoring and client/subcontractor liaison. I am constantly encouraged to try new things and be innovative. The in-person support and recognition I receive from the Sydney team make it so much more than just a place to work.

Anthony Hegarty

Site Foreman


I joined Construction Control 13 months ago and I have enjoyed every minute of working with a company that has grown from a humble beginning in Canberra to now being one the best and well-respected builders in Australia.

I believe a successful company starts with a strong culture. A healthy culture starts with influential leaders and more importantly great employees, employees that have a real passion for what they do, employees that are excited about working together to contribute to building a company they all believe in.

Coming from over ten years of professional sport and being involved in organisations that pride themselves on having some of the most influential team cultures in the world I am very excited to find that CC’s is right up there with the best I have been involved with.


Tim Combe



I have worked with Construction Control now for two and a half years. In that time I have worked on a wide variety of projects and have enjoyed every moment of it.The caliber of people within the organisation is a real credit to Construction Control.  I have been welcomed with open arms by every site team I have worked with.

Along the way I have been challenged with some complex projects and a number of innovative designs which have enabled me to collaborate with a wide range of people throughout the construction industry.

Construction Control has always encouraged me to pursue goals, both work related and personal. These are regularly reviewed with my line managers which makes me strive to achieve more and more each year. I have been set a clear career path and feel encouraged and supported by the leaders in the company through regular interactions on site. I look forward to many more years ahead working for the best builder in Australia, Construction Control.