Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) engaged Construction Control (CC) in August 2015 to complete the Enabling Works 1 (EW1) Project that comprises of three main components. These being; Authority (Utility) main diversion works, internal services upgrades and an extension to the existing Site C car park. All of these separable portions of the project are enabling the future expansion of the Castle Towers Shopping Centre.

As a sub-project to Enabling Works 1 CC are also currently managing the implementation of Ticketless Parking. This includes all required adjustments to all existing car park entries and exits to allow the new parking equipment to be installed and commissioned.

Authority (Utility) Works:

  • Telstra (Comms) – MDF Relocation & External Relocation / Diversion Works;
  • Jemena (Gas) – Main diversion works;
  • Sydney Water diversion works; and
  • Endeavour Energy (High Voltage) – New Substation and External Relocation Works NBN.

Internal Works:

  • New MDF Room;
  • New Substation & Switch room;
  • New Security Office;


Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)




March 2017