Canberra Grammar School Snow Centre for Education in the Asian Century


The Snow Centre for Education in the Asian Century was opened in 2015 and is the extraordinary gift of Canberra Grammar School Old Boy, philanthropist, and owner of Canberra Airport, Mr Terry Snow.


Symbolically designed to link the School’s past with its future, the Snow Centre blends the classic brick features of the School’s heritage-listed Quadrangle with a bold apex pointing outwards from the campus and north towards Australia’s international neighbours.


Vital to the premise of the Centre is that it benefits not only the School but the community of Canberra and Australian education generally. In addition to its daily use by the School, it will be used for public seminars, conferences, summer schools and as a specialist facility for professional learning, educational research and teacher training, particularly in relation to the challenge of enhancing Australia’s educational engagement with Asia.


Canberra Grammar School




January 2012