AIA ACT Chapter recognises the Vibe Hotel and the ANU Florey project

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On Saturday the 25th of June at the AIA awards function, architects Bates Smart won three awards for their outstanding work on the Vibe Hotel, for which Construction Control was the Project and Construction Manager. The specific awards were:

–         Award for Commercial Architecture

‘The curtain wall cladding for the accommodation levels above is neatly detailed, faceted so regularly as to appear perfectly curved. Sweeping Canberra skies are captured and held in the reflections.’ Jury citation.

–         Award for Interior Architecture

‘Here we have a tidy jewel-like offering that offers as much in its interior spaces as in its reflective façade. The skillful manipulation of light is immediately apparent on entry – daylight floods the lobby areas during the day through the porthole-like skylights atop a seven storey perfectly circular atrium overhead.’ Jury citation.

–         Light in Architecture Prize

‘Architecture and artificial lighting are interwoven throughout with purposeful detailing hiding linear and spot lighting in recesses and armatures – particularly at the top of the atrium where a singular ring of warm light separates the roof from the circular voids below.’ Jury citation.


Another winner on the night was Collard Clarke Jackson (CCJ) who won the JS Murdoch Heritage Award for their work on the refurbishment of the Florey Building at ANU which like the Vibe Hotel was delivered by Construction Control. This award clearly recognises the  contribution made by  Project Manager  Lauren Couter and Site Manager Paul Gerbich who led the design and delivery team completing this complex refurbishment to the highest standards.