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Castle Towers Shopping Centre – Enabling Works 2

The Castle Towers Expansion Project, Enabling Works 2 package consisted of further ‘enabling works’ to facilitate the Master Plan Expansion Project ($1B+) soon to be undertaken.


As part of this package, CC were engaged under a Design & Construct (D&C) contract to deliver three (3) rooftop plantrooms consisting of over 30,000kw+ (N+1 Redundancy) of cooling capacity via 6+ chillers; and associated cooling towers to replace the end-of-life mechanical system and provision of future planning associated with the Centre’s key Master Plan development.


In parallel to this was the construction of a new Switchroom and Substation required as part of the Master Planning to serve the new additional plantrooms being added. Numerous large scale plant and equipment to undertake the project was required, such as tower cranes and 500 tonne mobile crane lifts to manoeuvre 20t+ plant into position. Other works included under this package included the construction and break through into Coles Tenancy (Major Tenant) for the installation of a new Loading Dock and upgrade to Coles Bakery to facilitate the addition of the Loading Dock.


Works were undertaken over a period of 13 months including numerous design workshops and staging plans to ensure the Centre at no point in time lost essential services to conduct normal business operations.


Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)




February 2018