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Castle Towers Shopping Centre – Enabling Works 3

The Castle Towers Expansion Project, Enabling Works 3 (EW3) package consisted of further ‘enabling works’ to facilitate the Master Plan Expansion Project ($1B+) soon to be undertaken.


As part of this package, CC were engaged under a Design & Construct (D&C) contract to complete the installation of a new Loading Dock servicing David Jones (Major Tenant) and future retail tenants that were disrupted as part of the Major Masterplan project.


Construction consisted of a new Loading Dock over Les Shore Street which is one the Centre’s busiest entry/exit points to the Centre’s carparks (4 Carparks). Construction activities in the most part were undertaken afterhours due vehicle and pedestrian access being required during trading hours.


The project ran for a period of 12 months however was delayed due to various extreme weather events (rain/storms etc) at the most crucial point of coming out of the ground. Numerous Client Variations were added to the project further extending the original 6 month programme with additional future lift cores being added and various Tenant requested items.


Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)




March 2019