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Block 1 of Section 60 was purchased May 2015. Construction Control has been involved in all aspects of development planning, design, and project delivery. The land was purchased under a specimen holding lease and deed of agreement and involves the completion of roadway and landscaping works surrounding the site on behalf of the government. Initially the decision was made to subdivide the site into 6 blocks including a Community Title block that ties the precinct together. The subdivision allowed for a better management of cash flow initially and a more practical management of Unit

Titles post occupation, whilst the Community Title binds that precinct together and establishes the community feel that was at the forefront of the design brief.


The design brief also focused on variety of built forms whilst recognizing the history of the area, this has been achieved by working with 4 different Architects; each given different briefs to fit with the developer’s intention to create a unique Village. Environmental considerations have also played a significant role in the design of the village. Solar and battery storage technology are a focus that will provide long term benefits to owners and the community.


The precinct is accessed via a horseshoe shaped driveway that feeds all blocks and basements. Located on the Blocks are 38 terraces and 7 individual apartment buildings, approximately 300 dwellings in total and 3,000m2 of commercial space.


The site was located on contaminated land (which has now been remediated), is cut into what the earthwork contractors like to call “purple rock” and has basements below the water table all of which provided challenges that the team have responded to. The site has a maximum RL of 578m, restricting all buildings to 6 floors above ground. Altogether, construction costs surpass $110 million and the project was successfully completed in early 2020.




February 2020